BERGER/CROSSON Terraced Garden

This large backyard garden sloped down and butted up against open space. Using the curvilinear lines of a topographic map as inspiration, we added several terraces retained with custom walls of river rock, boulders and concrete. We added small patios and several places to sit and enjoy the different views of the garden, as well as a large patio at the bottom of the stairs. A swale distributing gray water flows through the upper levels down to the large flat area that is filled with UC Verde buffalo grass plugs that will fill in, (in about 3 months), under the drip line of a mature Black Walnut. Meandering paths crisscross the main pathways to connect to the many special corners of this vibrant space. A large custom metal and reed shade structure was built over the deck to replace the original shade sails and a custom metal arbor and gate frame the open space.