After my father died I made four custom urns to house his ashes. Really, the urns made themselves. As I meditated on his death, the urns formed easily under my hands. The experience was profound: a moving, tactile object of grief, remembrance and, above all, LOVE. Each urn was toped with a totem that was chosen by a family member as a representation of my father’s spirit.

Recently, a friend who had lost his mother asked me to make a vessel for her ashes. He shared stories about his mother and gave me photos to put in my studio while I made her urn. Again, the urn formed easily under my hands. 




Making these vessels has been profoundly meaningful for me and I'd like to offer these services to anyone who has lost a loved one. In the spirit of DAANA, I'm offering these custom urns on a donation basis. I'll accept whatever you feel is fair, in cash, trade or otherwise.


If you are interested in collaborating on a vessel, email me at